Soils Testing Has Already Begun. We Need to Stop This!

The City of Edmonds is continuing to push forward the building of a viaduct to connect Sunset Ave/Edmonds Street to Brackett's Landing at the cost of $30 million of our taxpayer money.    

This picture was taken September 12, 2018 of soils testing being performed at Brackett's Landing Shoreline Sanctuary


Proposed Construction Area

Proposed Location of Viaduct and Construction Area

Proposed construction area is located in a designated critical area, a designated shoreline sanctuary, a public beach, an underwater park and a residential neighborhood. 

Did You Know?

The shoreline sanctuary shore property was originally owned by a local citizen who donated this property to the City of Edmonds with the conditions of protection for this property and its habitat. 


Size and Scope of Construction

It is estimated construction will take upwards of up to 3 years.  The amount of heavy equipment, concrete, steel, construction workers and their vehicles will create major congestion in an area that already has train, ferry and park access traffic overwhelming it.

During this construction period available parking will be almost non-existent.  This will not only adversely affect our residents but also create serious economic ramifications from our tourist traffic. 

This is the largest public works project proposed by the City of
Edmonds at a cost of $30 million plus overruns.

Anticipated Construction Conditions

Concrete Trucks and Heavy Equipment


Drilling Rig



The Real Truth About This Project

Massive excavation of the proposed site into the shoreline beach area will be required to build and place concrete piers.  This is going to require huge drilling rigs, concrete pumps and construction cranes on shoreline protected areas.  

The concrete column is estimated at 35' tall over the beach and will require hundreds of yards of concrete and tons of rebar steel.  

The environmental destruction from the construction process and the shading and run off from this completed project will permanently damage the already struggling habitat. 

The street level at the intersection of Sunset and Edmonds Street is planned to be raised to create enough elevation for the bridge to span the railroad tracks.  The throw barriers will actually be 12'-14' above the current street level.  The beautiful views from Sunset Avenue will be no more - only steel and concrete. 

Throw Barriers Over Tracks

What has not been fully disclosed....

The height of the throw barriers and the raising of Sunset Avenue/Edmonds Street intersection have been omitted or minimized from many of the sketches and modeling that has been displayed at the public open houses.

Here are pictures that adequately display throw barriers.

This is what we will be seeing from Sunset Avenue and from the proposed viaduct if this project is allowed to take place.




Take Action Now!

Contact Edmonds City Council today and let your voice be heard!

No Connector Viaduct on Sunset Avenue!